Access Information Across All Your Documents Using an AI Data Analyst

Reimagine how you access and analyse the content of your documents: use an AI Data Analyst agent to simplify document search and data retrieval across all your company's existing files.

Data Analysis & Insights

Make Your Insights Available At All Times

Access critical insights with ease. Our AI agents ensure 24/7 availability of the content in your PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and other files. No more manual searches or missed opportunities.

Effortlessly retrieve business content. Our platform keeps your insights at your fingertips, saving time and resources.


Win Customers With Your Wisdom

Our AI agents transform your documents into winning proposals. Leverage your existing know-how to impress clients, secure deals, and grow your business. Unleash your expertise and gain a competitive edge in each interactions.

Unlock your company's wealth of knowledge stored in PDFs, Word, or PPT files. Access insights effortlessly, save time, and impress clients with your approach.


Boost Your Content Marketing Using All Company Know-how

Turn your documents into marketing goldmines. Identify trends and market opportunities effortlessly. Craft data-backed campaigns that resonate with your audience, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Elevate your content marketing with AI insights. Tailor your messaging for higher engagement and conversions, and supercharge your marketing results.

Examples of real tasks delegated to an AI Data Analyst agent

Give me 3 positive customer quotes from my customer survey files

Our Platform

AI Data Analyst Features

Ask questions to your document collection

Use agents to search and retrieve any information from files by simply asking questions in plain language. It makes finding and accessing specific content within your documents quick and effortless.

Turn your files into accessible databases

Transform your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files into user-friendly databases. This makes it easy for you to find, access, and utilise the information within these files quickly and efficiently.

Generate reports from existing documents

Create fresh, informative reports using your current PDF, Word, and PPT files. It's like giving your old documents a makeover, helping you unlock valuable insights without starting from scratch.

Easily access your collection of PDFs

Our AI autonomous agents make it simple to find and use the valuable content hidden within your PDF files, turning them into a powerful resource for your business.

Find content across your PPT slides

Easily search and locate specific information within your PowerPoint (PPT) presentations. This feature makes it simple for you to access and use the content from your PPT files.

Connect your drives and upload your files

Effortlessly link your storage locations and effortlessly add your documents. Our platform makes it easy to access content from your existing PDF, Word, and PPT files.

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